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    Tattoo Convention Frankfurt 2016
    One of the largest tattoo conventions in Europe
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    Tattoo Expo Zwickau 2016
    3-day tattoo expo in Zwickau with top artists from all over the world
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    Tattoo Convention Berlin 2015
    My 5th time at the Berlin tattoo convention but still mist too many of them :) This year international tattoo convention in Berlin is taking place for the 25th time
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    International Tattoo convention Frankfurt 2015
    This year I will be attending again International Frankfurt Tattoo convention in 20-22 March 2015. International Frankfurt Tattoo convention is one of my favorite ones and will be going here already 4 years in the row. Always well organized, lots of great tattoo artist and very busy with visitors.
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    Tattoo Expo Zwickau 2015
    One of the best conventions organized by Randy Engelhard.